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Artist Name: Kiyomi Aritake

This artist who was born and had been for 20 years in a small town in Mie Prefecture with a wealth of nature has loved to express since childhood, so she has grown up, drawing pictures and created her own designed clothes.

Her major at the university was clothing course, but she was not satisfied. After graduating from the university, she came up to Tokyo to learn fashion more. She entered Bunka Fashion College and had studied fashion for additional 3 years.

In school, her talent bloomed, managing the planning of fashion shows and the design of clothes, winning awards at the school contest, and so on.
While she was working at an apparel company after graduation, in 2013 she has started a new activity, expanding her world to illustration as the expressive style, not only in the fashion field. And now she handles the exhibition of her works and the collaborated items with companies.

She fuses the animation she has loved since childhood and fashion she has worked for 15 years together, and shows the expression that emphasizes outlines and borders and simplifies colors and shadows, and the world of  her own uniquely, combining senses of color and taste that she has established in the fashion world. “Shadow box” series that background and some sheets are piled on the clear sheet called “cel” which is used for cel animation and then each part of work is drawn, cut, and overlaid hinted from the expressive style to modify only the parts with motion, and also “DEKORU Art” series that are decorated with embroidery yarn and sequin and more on the illustration are both unique expressive styles from this artist who specializes both animation and fashion.



文化服装学院 ファッション流通過程 ファッションディレクター専攻を卒業後、アパレル業界で働きながらイラストを描き始める。






とどきそうでと どかない  たどり着きそうで つかない



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